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mercoledì 18 luglio 2012


(DE SOLILOQUIS) I soliloqui hanno una nobile tradizione. S. Agostino: si parla con sé stessi davanti a Dio. E questo non esclude la narrazione o l'autografia- si pensi alle Confessiones- e il dialogo,- visto che in qualche modo l'Altro [Lacan?] è, più che implicito, implicato fin dall'inizio. 

(BENNINGTON/DERRIDA) Se un altro concreto prende il posto dell'Altro, capita p.e. quello che si ha in 'Jacques Derrida' di Geoffrey Bennington (e J.Derrida) [], dove non si sa più se c'è un autore, o due, o cosa, e se è Bennington a commentare il tutto Derrida, o la sua CIRCUMFESSIONE- o se (più verosimile) il soliloquio mirabile di CIRCUMFESSION è portato avanti dal fondo delle pagine (divise in due, con 'Derrida' di Bennington in alto) davanti al tempo, al mondo, al vuoto (e al testo di Bennington, sicuramente).


We ought, then, to show how Derrida is a "contemporary."
We would say, for example, that since the sixties he has
published some twenty books which have had a definite
impact, more abroad than in France, that there
have been countless colloquia and publications devoted
to his work worldwide (this is no doubt one of the reasons
why, as an Englishman, IJind myself in this curious
situation of having to introduce him to a French
audience) , that he continues to write at a speed that is a
little intimidating for his readers, and that we are still
far from having taken the measure of a thought whose
richness and complexity is equal to that of the great
names of the philosophical tradition.
In doing this, we would be setting ourselves two
distinct but complementary tasks: on the one hand,
that of justifying, as it were, Derrida's contemporaneity
by describing this impact in order to show its topi-

1 The crude word, fight with him in this way over what's
crude, as though first of all I liked to raise the stakes, and
the expression "raise the stakes" belongs only to my mother, as
though I were attached to him so as to look for a fight over what
talking crude means, as though I were trying relentlessly, to the
point of bloodshed, to remind him, for he knows it, cur confitemur
Deo scienti, * of what is demanded of us by what's crude,
doing so thus in my tongue, the other one, the one that has
always been running after me, turning in circles around me, a
circumference licking me with a flame and that I try in turn to
circumvent, having never loved anything but the impossible,]

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  1. soliloquiiis, forse-

    [per l'origine della foto, si veda il saggio di jean allouch in littoral 38:]